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WF - Interactive Summary Plan Description

For your convenience we have created an interactive Summary Plan Description.  You can view the information specific to your needs by clicking on the headline below.

Identify the Plan

The full, official name of the Plan is "The Steamfitters’ Industry Welfare Fund," but many participants simply refer to it as the "Welfare Fund."

Name, Address and Telephone Number of the Board of Trustees, the Plan Administrator:

Board of Trustees The Steamfitters’ Industry Welfare Fund
27-08 40th Ave, 2nd Floor 
Long Island City, NY 11101-3725 
(212) 465-8888

The Trustees as of the printing of this booklet are: Shane McMorrow, Edward English, Anthony Saporito, Roberts J. Bartels, Jr., Dave Johnson and Brian Kearney, Jr.

Employer Identification Number of the Board of Trustees:


Plan Number:


Plan Year Ends:

December 31

Type of Administration:

Trustee Administration

Agent for Service of Legal Process:

William J. Turnbull, Executive Administrator

The Steamfitters’ Industry Welfare Fund
27-08 40th Ave, 2nd Floor 
Long Island City, New York 11101-3725 

Service of legal process may also be made on any of the Trustees.

Collective Bargaining Agreement:

The Fund is maintained pursuant to collective bargaining agreements between the Enterprise Association of Steam, Hot Water, Hydraulic, Sprinkler, Pneumatic Tube, Compressed Air, Ice Machine, Air Conditioning and General Pipe Fitters of New York and Vicinity, Local Union 638 and the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York, Inc. and other employers. Copies of these agreements may be obtained upon written request to the Fund Administrator and may be examined at the Fund Office or Union Office. The Fund will provide information as to whether a particular employer is a contributing employer and, if it is, its address, if a written request for this information is made to the Fund Administrator.

Source of Financing:

The Fund is financed by contributions received from employers who employ steamfitters covered by a collective bargaining agreement, or other agreement, with Enterprise Association of Steamfitters’ Local Union 638. The amount of this contribution is determined by the agreement.

Plan assets are held by a master trustee, State Street, and invested under the direction of an investment manages, Prudential and T. Rowe Price.

Plan Text:

This booklet summarizes the provisions of the Welfare Plan Document. In the event of any actual or perceived conflict between the Plan text and this booklet, the Plan text will prevail.

Amendment and Termination:

The Trustees reserve the right to amend or terminate the Plan at any time for any reason. No amendment or termination will deprive a Participant, Beneficiary or Qualifying Dependent of any benefit which has already become payable under the Plan, but it could deprive them of future benefits.

Providers of Benefits:

Medical Benefits:

* Empire HealthChoice, Inc. - Deluxe EPO

Hospital Benefits:

* Empire HealthChoice, Inc. - Deluxe EPO

Prescription Drug Benefits:

* Express Scripts

Dental Benefits:

* MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP)

Vision Care & Hearing Aid Benefits

* Steamfitters’ Industry Welfare Fund

* Steamfitters’ Industry Welfare Fund

Life Insurance & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

* MetLife